Niftylift self propelled Aerial Work Platforms

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Do you need an aerial work platform? Try our remanufactured Niftylift self propelled machines. Their work height is 12-28m. Because they are remanufactured, their performance is the same as of brand-new machines. The only difference is the price. 

After remanufacturing they undergo exactly the same rigid test procedures as at Niftylift ltd. Thus, we can go sure, that they work exactly as new elevating work platforms. Therefore we give 1 year warranty. 

Please contact us for any question. Didn’t find what you were looking for? Ask us! 

Nifty4Sale: same performance – better price

Nifty4Sale: same performance – better price


Nifty4Sale is remanufacturing Niftylift aerial work platforms in cooperation with Niftylift Ltd in England.

The high standard of our workmanship guarantees a reliable machine, as good as new.

Our elevating work platforms come with a warranty of 1 year. 


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