About Nifty4Sale

What are we doing?


Nifty4sale is in one sentence:  We remanufacture Niftylift work platforms. Our company is located in Bielsko-Biała, Poland.

Niftylift ltd in England is the manufacturer of elevating work platforms. After years of heavy duty, we give the machines a second life. Thus, we buy used Niftylift work platforms and remanufacture them using original parts provided by Niftylift. After the remanufacturing process it is hardly possible to tell the difference between a newly built work platform and a remanufactured one.

Our staff was trained at Niftylift’s facility at Milton Keynes, England. Some of them have been working for years for Niftylift passing on their knowledge and experience. What we are doing at nifty4sale is in terms of quality and security exactly the same as what the manufacturer Niftylift is doing. 

Due to lower over-all costs in Poland we are able to provide a Work Platform as good as new, with the same Performance as a new one. The only Difference is the Price. 

Nonetheless, Nifty4sale aims to establish a Western European work culture to Poland, with common breaks for breakfast and lunch for all the staff in order to have a regular exchange of ideas, experiences and also problems.


Nifty4Sale: same performance – better price


Nifty4Sale is remanufacturing Niftylift aerial work platforms in cooperation with Niftylift Ltd in England.

The high standard of our workmanship guarantees a reliable machine, as good as new.

Our elevating work platforms come with a warranty of 1 year. 


Tel: +48 516 044 084

Email: info@nifty4sale.com



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